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About Me

In 2009 my late father lent me a book. "Now I'll want this back." He told me, looking up through bushy eyebrows as he scribbled 'Return to Bill Wiseman' in the front. He knew his daughter all too well. It was called "Wild Trees: A Journey into the Unknown" It told the story of the first scientists to study the canopies of the california redwood forests, and the search for the tallest tree in the world. It told of misty secret groves of aincient giants, and blooming gardens hundreds of feet in the air, unseen and untouched by any human hands. I kept thinking 'Ive got to get out there and see it for myself.'  I dont know if he knew it at the time, but an idea had been planted, and was taking root. The next year I visited Big Sur California, painting at Esalen Institute and my fate was sealed. 

I studied painting and art history in Florence Italy in 2013, earned a BS in 2015 from Baker University emphasizing Ecology and Studio Art, and spent two years studying the figure at the University of Kansas with Judith McCrea. 

Finally in 2018, my head swimming with dreams of ferns, forests, crashing oceans and paint, I packed up all my belongings and headed out of Kansas, my lifelong home, in search of my own journey into the unknown. I landed in Seaside, California at the Historic Landmark Bed and Breakfast, a craftsman inn run by artists.  I studied pein air painting under Adam Wolpert, and grew as an artist alongside Charlotte Pollock. 

My paintings are my footprints. Each piece is rooted in a time and place I never want to forget. They arise from moments of connectedness, big and small, always in awe of the sheer power and complexity of the natural world. "Beauty otherwise unseen" - Hayo Miyazaki 



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