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We are living in an unprecidented time of change, and it is up to us to make sure our voices are heard, uplift others and commit to making a positive impact. 

My main goal of the ART and IMPACT initiative is to forge a direct link between the creation of art and positive action. To help me get started, I commit 30% of each sale to one of the following charities and organizations:

Black Art Futures Fund-  An organization committed to supporting and growing community centered artists and philanthropists!

Americares- PPE for medical professionals during COVID

Conservation Lands Foundation- protecting land from development by oil and gas companies!

I am always looking for ways to expand and evolve this idea. I  want to get involved with organizations fighting for justice and the planet, if you have an idea or someone I can talk to, let me know!


 I am working on a way to let people select where they want thier donation to go. For now, just shoot me a message!

Art and Impact